Patient Testimonials 
Leslie Haywood and her daughters 

"After having my two daughters at East Cooper Regional Medical Center, I knew that the quality of the care was second to none, but I didn't fully realize the depth of compassion and expertise the hospital staff had until I was there for a third time. At the age of 34, I was facing a breast cancer diagnosis.   After doing my homework, I realized that the best of the best was right here in Charleston. 

Because of East Cooper’s wonderful staff and my incredible surgeon, Dr. Craigie, what could have been an extremely scary and trying time of my life, was little more then a blip on the radar.   I knew I was in the hands of some of the best oncologists, reconstructive surgeons and nurses but it didn't stop with simply having the talent.  The staff also had that very rare mix of skill and kindness and empathy that is all too often lacking in our health care system today. 

I don't think most people know just how lucky we are to have such cutting edge doctors right here in our own backyard.

THANK YOU East Cooper, for being there for me through the good times and even more importantly, the bad."

Leslie Haywood,
Charleston, SC


The Gamble Family 
We had the great experience of beginning our family at East Cooper.  The birth of twin boys could have been a hectic time, but the doctors and nurses -- there for every question, big or small -- made our experience joyful and simple.  Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the nurses.  Although we know there were many other babies born on the same day, we felt like our family had the complete attention of all of the nurses. 

One nurse, Robin, helped Hope from the first moment we met our twins to the very moment we left the hospital.  We bonded with her so much that we truly wanted to take her home with us.   Sandy, a nurse who works in the nursery overnight, made us feel so incredibly comfortable, we woke up each morning feeling totally prepared for the wonderful challenge of twins. 

The tips and insights from the doctors and nurses proved invaluable to two first-time parents.  They were there day and night with a smile and show of support that gave us the confidence we needed to take home two infants.

We will forever remember those days at East Cooper as the most important days of our lives.  They were the first days of the two best things to ever happen to us, and we both felt that they were being treated like they were the nurses’ own children.  Walking into the nursery and seeing them rocking and talking to all the infants was an amazing sight.  All the babies were quiet and happy, which is a testament to the emotional security they provide. We felt our children could have been in no better place, and we were fortunate to have had them there.  We wholeheartedly recommend East Cooper to everyone we know.”

Rob and Hope Gamble,
James Island, SC


The Darby Family 

"As a recent customer in the East Cooper Regional Medical Center Emergency Room, I wanted to share with you the outstanding care my family experienced.  My youngest son Canham was playing baseball at Park West and cut his arm.  We thought he probably needed stitches and headed straight to the East Cooper ER.  Both he and his brother had been to the ER before for stitches, sprained and broken ankles and had received exceptional care.  I trusted my son would be given the attention he needed in a timely manner to address his medical needs and keep him calm.  He isn’t a fan of needles.

I was right! We were seen almost immediately and Canham was examined, cleaned up and then got his stitches.  The doctor gave us our discharge orders, and we were on our way in less than 45 minutes.  All of the staff in the ER was friendly and reassuring.  We went back 10 days later to have the stitches removed, and again the East Cooper ER team excelled. 

Earlier in the year my husband had two ER visits – one while I was out of town.  His first choice was the East Cooper ER because of the previous care we’ve received, the convenient location and outstanding reputation of the doctors.  And, of course, the care was excellent.  He ended up being admitted on the second visit and although he didn’t feel well, he felt well taken care of.

Please share with the staff in the ER our compliments on the outstanding care they provided to our family.  A visit to the ER can be a nerve racking and painful experience.  Your team does all they can to make it easier for both the patient and the family.  Kudos to them!"

Kate Darby

"I went to the ER yesterday due to severe abdominal pain. I was treated wonderfully by the ER nurses upon arrival, as well as CT scan staff. I had a perforated appendix and was in surgery only a few hours after arrival. There were no complications, I was up and moving within a couple hours after surgery, and released just under 24 hours after getting to the ER. Incredible experience (under the circumstances), caring and compassionate staff. I'm glad I had my husband "take me to East Cooper." Thank you!!!"
Amy Beto