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The vision of East Cooper’s Comprehensive Joint Program is to deliver personalized, advanced, first-class care that exceeds patient expectations while maintaining the highest quality standards of patient care to enable the restoration and preservation of health, lifestyle, career, and future wellness to a diverse population.

THANK YOU for choosing East Cooper’s Comprehensive Joint Program for your surgery. You are the centerpiece of a multi-disciplinary team approach. Our program is designed to restore your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

People searching for a caring and effective Charleston orthopedic surgeon often have the same questions. Knowing what to expect before, during, and after surgery can speed your recovery. We have outlined additional information below that will help prepare you for your surgery.



Joint Class

You will attend a joint class and pre-operative evaluation clinic at East Cooper Medical Center about ten days before your surgery. This will be scheduled for you at the time of your office visit. You should expect to be at the hospital between 3-4 hours on this day. This class is a one hour class and you will be in class with other joint patients. A complimentary lunch is provided after the class for you and your guest. We strongly encourage you to bring a guest who will be your "coach" throughout this process

During the joint class, you and your coach will learn what to expect during your hospital stay and what you can expect from your joint team who will include your Charleston orthopedic surgeon, hospitalist, anesthesiologist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nursing staff, case management, rehabilitation and pre-surgery testing team. You will also learn what to expect from a recovery standpoint both during your hospital stay and when you are back at home. There will be a great deal of information provided, but don’t worry because we will send you home with a complete guidebook you can refer to. If you would like to take a peek at the guidebooks, please use these links:

Click here for the Guide For KNEES.

Click here for the Guide for HIPS.

Pre-Operative Evaluation Clinic

You will be scheduled for your pre-operative evaluation clinic either before or after the one hour joint class. During this clinic you will have your lab work done, a urinalysis and an EKG test, unless this is otherwise provided by your primary care physician. You will meet with a hospitalist to go over your results so that they can give you medical clearance prior to your surgery. Also, during this clinic you will receive pre-surgery instructions, an antibacterial body wash you will use to bathe before your surgery and a prescription for a prophylactic medication with instructions on how to take it. The nurse and physician will discuss your current medications with you.

In preparation for clinic day please note that you DO NOT have to fast. You should eat breakfast as usual. We cannot stress enough the importance of bringing someone with you on this day. You should have all of your paperwork completed that you received from your office visit. This will include a list of your current medications and dosages, a pre-anesthesia evaluation checklist and your hospital pre-registration form. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before you are scheduled to be at the hospital. This is a very scheduled process to accommodate a group of people, so please make every effort to be a little early.

After Surgery: Rehabilitation Process

We want you to know what you can expect from our Physical and Occupational Therapists during your hospital stay. Physical therapists will instruct you on walking, stair negotiation and exercises, while occupational therapists will review bathing and dressing strategies. Our goal is to get you out of bed the day of surgery. The day after surgery you will work with therapists one on one, as well as attend a group therapy and education class. The class is held after lunch and usually lasts 1 to 1 ½ hours. We strongly encourage your coach to attend with you. There is a lot of information including discharge instructions, and a second set of ears is beneficial. We want to ensure you feel confident with your mobility before going home, and we will help with your transition however we can. This may include practicing activities of daily living in our simulated home space. Most patients discharge to their homes 1 - 2 days after surgery and then you can expect to follow-up with your Charleston orthopedic surgeon about 10 days after surgery.