Comprehensive Wound Center 
The Comprehensive Wound Center staff is skilled and compassionate. 

If you have questions or concerns about wound care or hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), please call (843) 654-7337.

The Comprehensive Wound Center is located at:  

1156 Bowman Rd, Suite 103

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464




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Tim Osbon, MD

Norman Khoury, MD

Greg Loftis, RN, CWCN

Bobbie Rinard, RN, CWON



Our ultimate goal is healing wounds as quickly and safely as possible.  Our multi-disciplinary team works together to coordinate your care.  We recognize that every patient has special needs, so treatment is based on individualized plans that are developed following comprehensive assessments by the Wound Care Center’s experienced specialists.      


For most of us a cut or scrape is no big deal.  Given time, some basic care like cleansing and dressings, the wound will heal itself.  

Nearly 5 million Americans have problems with healing.  These people suffer from chronic open sores that can become seriously infected and lead to complications.  Diabetics and people with circulatory problems often find that their body’s ability to heal itself is compromised.  For them, a tiny wound can become a major ordeal.  

That’s where specialized wound care comes into play. The Comprehensive Wound Center utilizes advanced modalities such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, skin substitutes and negative pressure wound therapy in the treatment of chronic or non-healing wounds.  

Each patient receives a treatment plan specific to the problem wound.  The treatments involved are based on the type and severity of the wound.  The patient and the family are part of the team as they learn to care for the wound between visits.  Patient education on wound prevention is part of the services offered.  

Most insurance carriers, including Medicare, will cover the evaluation and treatment of chronic wounds.  Our office staff will file your claim with your insurance company.

East Cooper team next to the Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) chambers 









Patient Testimonial

“From the moment I first came through the door, I felt that my recovery was in the fore front of everyone’s mind. The office staff met me with a smile and the knowledgeable nursing staff was eager to try and make me feel comfortable and to answer any questions I may have had. When the doctor came in, he was very personable and made sure to understand my medical needs. I never felt they were too rushed to answer a question or that they were focused on anything other than my care.” --Mike Wilkins