Dr. Norman Khoury Profile 

After growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, Dr. Khoury attended Duke University where he majored in chemistry and minored in Duke basketball.  He earned his medical degree in 1975 and completed a residency in general surgery in 1981. 

 Dr. Khoury and his partner Dr. William H Stroud, Jr., were the among first surgeons to set up a practice in the Mt. Pleasant area, where they have practiced for many years. 

He lives on Sullivan’s Island where he enjoys the beach and the coastal forest.  He travels frequently to Europe where he can indulge his passion for Roman and early church history. 

Dr.  Khoury  says, “When Drs. Tim Osbon and Eric Brittain opened the Comprehensive Wound Center, I was honored to be asked to join the staff for the care of complicated and difficult-to-manage wounds.  The staff at this center is the most dedicated, well-trained, and fully professional and caring group I have had the privilege to work with in many years.  I have learned as much as I hope I have contributed to patients and continue to look forward to participating in this outstanding clinic in the future.”