Dr. Tim Osbon Profile 

Tim Osbon, MD, MS

A sandlapper from day one, Dr. Osbon was born in upstate South Carolina and grew up at the foot of the mountains in Greenville, enjoying an idyllic childhood exploring creeks, mountains, and forests.

 During his emergency medicine residency, Dr. Osbon became enamored with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and its critical role in all of medicine, especially wound care.  He trained under Dr. Bob Bartlett, a renowned expert in the field.

He and Dr. Eric Brittain founded Oasis Hyperbarics in 2007.  They opened their first HBOT clinic in 2008 and merged with East Cooper Medical Center two years later to bring into one place everything needed to offer advanced wound care. 

Dr. Osbon earned a biology degree at Wofford College and became a paratrooper after attending airborne school and serving in ROTC.  During four years of active duty, he was a medical service corps officer at the military medical school in Bethesda, Maryland.  He earned a master’s in biotechnology and genetics at Johns Hopkins University and returned home to the Medical University of South Carolina. He completed his emergency medicine residency at Palmetto Health Richland in Columbia.

 He says, “The Comprehensive Wound Center allows me to take a break from the chaos of emergency medicine--to sit, slow down and get to know our patients on a personal, intimate level. It has been an immensely gratifying endeavor.

 “I am immensely blessed to live in the Low Country where I and my family avidly enjoy the maritime traditions of sailing, fishing and shrimping that characterize this wonderful part of the planet, as well as the rich cultural and historical resources for which Charleston is known.”