Laboratory / Pathology Services 

Accredited by the College of America Pathologists, East Cooper Medical Center’s Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Departments, provide our physicians and the staff with the information for patient diagnosis and treatment. We continue to acquire modern technology and support our well-trained staff, providing a quality service to help give physicians essential patient information.

The Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Departments are staffed by professional Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Pathology Techs, Phlebotomists and Patient Services Techs. These professionals acquire and analyze patient specimens in a tightly controlled professional environment. We strive to provide timely test results.

To address the scope and complexity of patient care, the Laboratory services, available 24/7, include specialties and sub-specialties:

  • Blood Bank / Transfusion Services
  • General Chemistry / Limited Toxicology / Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
  • Hematology, including Coagulation and Urinalysis
  • Microbiology
  • General Immunology
  • Anatomic Pathology
Clinical Pathology Overview
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Clinical Pathology
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Pathology Report
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Surgical Pathology
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Online Resources - Pathology
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Anatomical Pathology
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Screening Tests for Common Diseases
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Patients Can Now Get Test Results Straight From the Lab: HHS
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