Childbirth Classes 
East Cooper Regional Medical Center offers a number of classes for parents-to-be. Our classes are designed to help prepare you for childbirth and learn to care for your newborn. We even offer classes that help prepare brothers and sisters for the newest member of the family. There is a fee associated with some of these classes.

Our class offerings include:

Special Delivery Class – a three-session program for expectant parents taught by certified prepared childbirth educators. Includes stages of labor, medication options, the birth process, breathing and relaxation, post-partum and infant care. Includes a tour of Women’s Services.

Super Saturday Class – class includes anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, coping skills, stages of labor, c-sections, medications and anesthesia. Includes lunch and a tour of Women’s Services.

Breastfeeding Class – Two-hour class for expectant mothers. A certified Lactation Consultant teaches the proper techniques of breastfeeding.

Newborn Class – Class covers what to expect while in the hospital, baby care basics and how to handle problems with baby.

Maternity Tour – Hour-long tour of the hospital including the Women’s Services and information on what to expect while having a baby at East Cooper Regional Medical Center.

Infant CPR – Class teaches CPR techniques to be used for infants up to one year of age.

Sibling Class – For children expecting a new brother or sister. One-hour class includes a visit to the nursery, diaper changing techniques, bottle-feeding and how to hold a baby. Children are asked to bring a baby doll or stuffed animal with them.

To learn more about our classes, go to our Find An Event section of the website or call us at (843) 884-7031.