Infection Prevention 

East Cooper Regional Medical Center has a comprehensive Infection Control Program.  The policies and procedures are based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC), Joint Commission, and other organizations from specialty areas.  

Hand Hygiene is accomplished by either using soap and water or an alcohol rub.   Patients and visitors are encouraged to remind caregivers to wash or disinfect their hands.  Patients and visitors are also asked to wash or disinfect their hands.  Visitors and caregivers who are ill are asked to not come to the hospital.  

Patient infections are said to come either from the patient, (germ already in or on the patient's body), or from other sources.  While hand hygiene can help decrease or prevent the spread of infections from other sources, there are also interventions that can help prevent spread of germs from the patient's skin to inside the body.  

Skin is The Source is a site from APIC that talks about your own skin being the source of an infection

Infection Data reported under the HIDA law to DHEC