What Our Patients Say About Our Charleston SC Orthopedic Surgeons 

East Cooper Medical Center values our patients’ feedback. Below you’ll find a few testimonials from past patients of our Comprehensive Joint Program.



My overall experience with the East Cooper Comprehensive Joint Program greatly exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the education provided in advance of my surgery. It enabled me to prepare and plan properly for my hospitalization and recuperation. From my first office visit to surgery to post-op follow up visits, every step of the process was seamlessly planned, coordinated and executed by the office and hospital staff. The continued support I received after surgery was helpful both physically and mentally.  --Christy Deluca (Hip replacement)





Every person I came in touch with was caring, friendly and totally reassuring. Waking up after surgery was an experience I will always remember: no pain whatsoever for the first time in a very long time, just a warm bed and friendly faces. This did not change for the three days I stayed. Everyone was more than just professional – everyone cared. -- Ursula Beckmann




Dr. Schutte and the team at East Cooper’s Comprehensive Joint Program explained everything professionally and thoroughly on the front end. My overall experience was "A Plus." It was truly a five-star experience of hospital stays. My expectations were beyond exceeded. The nurses and everyone were superb!

 --Joe Land (Bilateral hip replacement)




It was good that I was brought into the hospital, prior to surgery, for pre-op testing and educated on the process of the surgery there; Seeing the hospital, meeting some of the people and knowing where to go gave me greater comfort. All of the personnel, down to the cleaning staff and the person that brought my meal trays, were friendly, happy and professional during my entire visit. What you might learn from me is that every piece of the puzzle counts. -- Rachele Shearme





Excellent pre-op information and session, I felt well prepared. The operating room staff were all smiling, professional, concerned for my well-being and very reassuring. Physical Therapy was extremely helpful in preparing me for going home and reassuring me that climbing steps was going to be fine. One outstanding difference at East Cooper was that Dr Schutte, Amy King and Terry were all standing at the foot of my bed when I came back from recovery and to see their smiling faces there was confirmation all was well. --Gail Young