Proud to serve you

East Cooper Medical Center is one of South Carolina’s leading hospitals. Our aim is to put you, the patient, first.

Everything we do is designed to provide you with more successful procedures, faster recovery times and a better quality of life. Our hospital combines expertise with compassionate and detail-oriented care. We believe that we have found the perfect blend so that our patients leave East Cooper in better health — and with a smile on their faces.  

Getting the full scope of what we offer

It can be difficult to feel comfortable in a hospital if you have never set foot inside it before. By visiting different sections of our website, you can start understanding what to expect from East Cooper Medical Center. In the Stories section, you can see how committed we are to caring for our patients. Our Services section showcases the various ways that we are able to serve you. If you check out our Awards page, you’ll see the level of dedication and seriousness with which we pursue our work. And if you still aren’t certain whether we’re the right hospital for you, we encourage you to come visit our facilities.

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