Governing Board

We take great care in selecting board members who will continue to push us to be better. East Cooper Medical Center strives for excellence in everything we do. Get to know the local community leaders who devote their time to East Cooper Medical Center and help support our mission of delivering high-quality and compassionate care to every patient who walks through our doors.

The responsibilities of the East Cooper Medical Center Governing Board include recommending hospital policy, promoting patient safety, performance improvement and quality patient care in addition to participating in planning for the hospital.

  • David Brandli, MD
  • Matt Davis, MD
  • John Dodds, III
  • Leonard Fulghum, Chairman Emeritus
  • Kevin Keenan, MD
  • John Knepper, DO
  • Rodly Millet
  • Danny Mullis, Chairperson
  •  Chris O’Neal
  • Peter Stirling
  • Pat Walker
  • Bridget Williamson, MD
  • Jason Alexander, Chief Executive Officer