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Peter's Knee and Hip Replacement Story

Jun 6, 2019

Peter Stirling. Volunteer at East CooperPeter Sterling, knee and hip replacement patient/volunteer, East Cooper Medical Center 

“I relate to them because I’ve been there before, both hips and knees, so I can talk to them about it.”  

A set of bad knees and a faulty hip put Peter Sterling in and out of the hospital for many years. That kind of experience would be enough to put a bad taste in anyone’s mouth, but when Peter received a call from the hospital asking if he would like to become a volunteer, he didn’t hesitate. 

“My experience at this hospital, having had two knees done here, was fantastic,” he says. “I enjoy the hospital. I enjoy the staff here. And I said, ‘Wouldn’t I want to give back?’” 

Peter does just that by visiting patients who have gone through the same experience as him, bringing them water or anything else they need. He aids the nurses in delivering and gathering supplies, and he’s often seen caring for those recovering from surgery. 

“I relate to them because I’ve been there before, both hips and knees, so I can talk to them about it,” he says. 

Volunteering has brought a lot of happiness to Peter’s life, and he plans to keep doing it as long as he can. 

“I feel like I’m helping people, and giving back feels good,” he says.

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