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Perhaps you need a routine check-up. Or maybe you’ve encountered an unexpected injury. No matter why you’re here, we want to get you healthy as quickly as we can so you can get back to your life – and the ones you love.

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Sometimes it’s nice to hear directly from the people who choose East Cooper every day. Meet our surgical team, and learn why they choose East Cooper.

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With eight Gold Seals of Approval from The Joint Commission, we are one of South Carolina’s most reputable hospitals. But what our awards mean for you is that you’ll know you’re getting high quality care here, any time you need it.

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Perhaps you know what kind of specialist you need, or maybe you’ve been experiencing some pain and want to get it checked out. If you need help finding a doctor for your needs, try our online Find a Physician tool.

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​Use East Cooper Medical Center's Health Risk Assessments to evaluate your joint and heart health.

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Read about our East Cooper Medical Center Non Discrimination Notice and Language Assistance Services.