East Cooper Medical Center Acquires RADLink Surgeon’s Checklist™ Surgical Verification System for Minimally Invasive Total Hip Procedures

Jan 8, 2020

RADLink Technology utilizes real-time intraoperative imaging and guidance tools for verification of component positioning in joint replacement procedures

East Cooper Medical Center is the first hospital in South Carolina to offer RADLink Surgeon’s Checklist™ software guidance platform that provides non-invasive, real-time feedback on surgical outcomes during joint replacement procedures. Surgeons can achieve improved workflow efficiency and measurement reproducibility by using the RADLink technology.

Hambright-with-Radlink-300-x-400“RADLink piqued my interest as a joint replacement surgeon because it was a low cost, non-invasive and easy tool to implement into my hip replacement procedures,” said Dr. Dustin Hambright. “Many studies have shown the importance of placing components in the right position and its impact on the success of hip replacements. I have personally done research in the use of Radlink during surgery and found a significant difference in the accuracy of placing components using RADLink versus not using the software. I use it in every possible case at East Cooper Medical Center.”

RADLink A.I. technology employs intraoperative imaging analysis to identify patient-specific measurements immediately which allows surgeons to verify proper implant positioning before the patient leaves the operating room. The system is completely non-invasive to the patient and does not require the use of invasive pins or arrays.

“Patients should understand that this is a non-invasive addition to a hip replacement surgery,” Dr. Hambright explains. “It only requires on additional x-ray during the surgery and a few minutes to use the computer software to measure the component orientation and ensure it is in an acceptable position. RADLink has changed my approach to hip replacement surgeries in that I always attain intraoperative imaging to measure and assess my component placement. Without it, we aren’t sure our components are in acceptable position before we leave the OR. I never leave the OR without each component being in an acceptable position.”

RADLink software allows for information previously only available post-operatively to be obtained before the incision is closed. Using RADLink technology can improve the quality and accuracy of joint replacement procedures. This improved accuracy may minimize the risk of dislocation and implant wear, thereby increasing patient safety and resulting in enhanced patient outcomes.

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