East Cooper Medical Center Celebrates Local Physicians Recognized as Best in Health by HealthLinks

Jun 14, 2021

Mount Pleasant, SC – East Cooper Medical Center celebrates several East Cooper Medical Group physicians for recently being named among the “2021 HealthLinks Best in Health - Charleston” by HealthLinks Magazine.

The following East Cooper Medical Group physicians have been recognized:

  • Dr. Morris Washington named Best Bariatric Doctor
  • Dr. Del Schutte named Best Orthopedic Doctor
  • Lowcountry OB/GYN named Best OB/GYN Practice

“Each of the honored providers are very deserving of this recognition from HealthLinks Magazine,” said Patrick Downes, East Cooper Medical Center CEO. “Throughout the pandemic, these physicians have provided phenomenal, high-quality care for the patients they serve and their dedication has not gone unnoticed! Thank you to all HealthLinks readers for casting your votes and recognizing our colleagues!”

“For many of us, the Covid-19 Pandemic has reprioritized health and how we approach our care. Not only do we have a heightened sense of what health is and what healthcare should look like, we have also recognized that simply put: our health is the most valuable thing that we have,” said HealthLinks Publisher Cullen Murray-Kemp. “The health of our community here in Charleston is no exception. Now more than ever, we must value unbiased, patient-driven voting for Best in Health. We as individuals must understand that deciding our next doctor, hospital, or fitness center is our choice. In the 2021 Best in Health voting, we received over ten thousand votes from readers of HealthLinks Magazine in categories ranging from Best Pediatrician to Best Fitness Center. Start here for your list of the best in health that Charleston has to offer!”

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