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Amanda's Back and Neck Surgery Story

Jun 6, 2019

Amanda Holliday, Back & Neck Surgical Patient, East Cooper Medical Center

Nobody likes going to a hospital, but you should feel confident coming here. It’s the best care around — period. When Amanda Holliday had to call her husband to come pick her up from Florida because her back pain was unbearable, she knew a hospital was in her future. What she didn’t know was how easy Dr. Johnson and East Cooper would make finding out what was wrong — and getting her better.

“I’d been having excruciating back pain for a long time down my legs, and I just couldn’t take the pain anymore,” says Amanda. “I’d heard great things about Dr. Johnson, and I was so desperate for help. By the time I got to his office, I couldn’t even walk.”

Dr. Johnson quickly diagnosed a herniated disk, and x-rays revealed the bone on Amanda’s disk had slipped off and was hitting her spinal cord. Dr. Johnson scheduled surgery for the next morning at East Cooper. As soon as she woke up after the procedure, Amanda had a new lease on life.

“I just felt instant relief,” she says. “I had a little pain, but if you’ve ever experienced real back pain, this wasn’t even close. The physical therapist came in the next morning and said we were going to walk the hallway and I was hesitant — but we did it and it was fine!”  

Recovery to readmission to recovery again

Amanda made a full recovery and went back to playing tennis and swimming with her husband and daughter. She was in the clear — until one night, when she was brushing her daughter’s hair, and the stool she was sitting on in the bathroom broke.

“My head hit the back of the tub full force, and it took my breath away,” she says. “A week later I was waking up having radiating pain in my arm. I went to see Dr. Johnson, and sure enough — I had herniated the disk in my neck.”

The disk was so badly damaged that injections wouldn’t relieve the pain, so once again, Amanda prepared for surgery. It was much easier this time, she says, knowing how kind, friendly and prepared everyone at East Cooper would be. This time, she recovered just as quickly.

“It was an overnight stay, very easy breezy, and I left the next morning,” she says, still amazed at how quickly she felt better. “I went back to work within seven days of surgery.”

Today, there are no visible scars from either surgery, and Amanda says her mobility is not limited and she has no fear of reinjuring herself.  If she hears of anyone in a similar situation, she doesn’t hesitate to recommend the place they should seek treatment.  

“At East Cooper, the staff — from administrators to nurses to the anesthesiologist —comes in and tells you exactly what they’re going to do. They give you pain relief right away so you will be comfortable, and they work step by step together, so you know everything will get done right. And they always have a smile on their faces.”

Still, she knows some people are hesitant to have any kind of surgery; she wants people to know they don’t have to be.

“Nobody likes to go to a hospital, but you should feel confident coming here,” she says. “You are going to get taken care of, and you will feel better. It’s the best care around, period."

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