Our Services & Specialties

Service for any need

East Cooper offers a large range of services and specialties so we can cater to any need you may have. Just because we offer a large quantity of services doesn’t mean that we have sacrificed quality. We are proud to have won eight Gold Seals from the Joint Commission, and we plan on adding more in the future. Here is a selection of the services that we offer:

Stroke Care

Strokes are very frightening experiences that can wreak havoc on your body. If you think either you or a loved one is having a stroke, you need to seek help immediately. We offer one of the best stroke care centers in the area, and have services that can help you decrease your chances of ever having a stroke in the future.

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Mother & Baby

Babies are born into the world every day. But at our hospital, we treat each birth like the miracle it is. You can be confident that our nurses and physicians will treat your baby like a precious gift. We’ll do all the worrying, so you don’t have to.

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Level II Neonatal Nursery

If there are any complications during childbirth, we have a top-rated Level II Neonatal nursery that can provide life-saving care to your newborn. Our team of board-certified MUSC affiliated neonatologists will deliver the highest level of care and have experience dealing with a wide range of newborn-related issues, from premature births to birth defects to breathing difficulties.

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Your joints can create a great deal of pain in your life, making even the simplest task feel impossible. At our hospital, we can help relieve and eliminate that pain. Come see us today.

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Women’s Health

Women can face serious medical concerns throughout their lifespan. You don’t have to deal with these issues alone. Any medical care you need—from maternity services to breast reconstruction—we can provide you with the right kind of treatment. We are dedicated to getting you back to your loved ones, safe and sound.

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Emergency & Trauma

A medical crisis can happen in an instant. Don’t take a chance on your life or the ones that you love. Come to a hospital that you can trust. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we have a team of specialists who can treat your needs immediately.

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Undergoing surgery or dealing with a debilitating injury can leave your body weak and fragile. It may take some time to get your body back to the way it used to perform. Our rehabilitation department will ease you into the process slowly and make you feel comfortable. Whether you need speech, physical or occupational services, we have the expertise to get you better and improve your quality of life.

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