Diabetes affects more than 18 million Americans, and the CDC estimates more than 5 million people have diabetes but don't realize it. Don’t wait to get tested for diabetes. If you do have it, our team can help you learn to adapt and manage your condition.

East Cooper Medical Center offers Diabetes Education Group Meetings every third Tuesday of the month in the first floor classroom from 5 p.m.-6:30 p.m. This group meets monthly and is free to the public. The group is designed to teach individuals, and their families and friends how to successfully manage diabetes. These programs provide information on nutrition, medication, and blood glucose testing and complication prevention. To register, please call (843) 884-7031 or go to our website: www.eastcoopermedctr.com.

To help you adjust to living with diabetes, we provide valuable information through our health library. You can also reach out to a specialist who can treat and help you manage your diabetes.

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