An active golfer gets back in the game after hip surgery 

Ronald DeSantis, hip replacement, East Cooper Medical Center 

“They have this orientation, which I think is a great thing. They walk you through, they talk to you about physical therapy. They tell you what to expect, what they want from you.” 

Ronald DeSantis, 58, lived an active life, golfing regularly and taking long walks with his dogs. He had moved to Mt. Pleasant from New Jersey and was enjoying the area’s golf scene. But one day his life came to a grinding halt. 

“I was on a treadmill running, and all of a sudden I felt like I got shot in my hip. I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle or something like that,” Ronald says. 

Multiple doctors’ visits later, Ronald tried cortisone shots to no effect. He tried physical therapy, which helped some, but eventually the pain would return. He couldn’t walk his dogs. He couldn’t stand at the fence and watch his son’s baseball games. And he couldn’t play golf for four months. Something had to change. 

Ronald’s orthopedist suggested a scope of his hip. After the procedure, Ronald was told he needed a hip replacement. His wife, a nurse, called around looking for recommendations of the best facility. 

Right away she was referred to East Cooper and Dr. Schutte, Medical Director of the Comprehensive Joint Program, by a medical professional she knew. They looked at other facilities, but they always came back to East Cooper as the right place for the procedure. 

Learning to walk all over again 

The surgery was performed on May 27, which also happened to be Ronald’s 58th birthday.  

Ronald DeSantis, avid golfer gets back in the game“I had been scheduled for the 9th, but my youngest son and his fiancé wanted to come for my birthday. They hadn’t been down here since we moved, and [my wife] Barb knew this was a surprise, but she had to let the cat out of the bag. It was either the 27th or June 9th, and I had a trip scheduled to Scotland, and I was thinking about how much healing time I had. So I went in on my birthday,” he says. 

The surgery was performed at 11 a.m., and he left the facility at 1 p.m. the next day. He says his whole experience was a positive one, right from the very beginning. 

“They have this orientation, which I think is a great thing. They walk you through, they talk to you about physical therapy. They tell you what to expect, what they want from you,” Ronald says. 

Five months after his release, he took the trip of a lifetime to Scotland to watch the Ryder Cup golf tournament.  

“I walked 18 hilly holes four days in a row, and never even thought about my hip being a problem!” he says. “I went to the Ryder Cup for three days, too, and never had a problem.  

“Now I walk a two-mile loop every morning with my dogs. That’s my physical therapy. And I play golf. I played three times this weekend! Life after the hip surgery is back to normal.” 

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