Kate's Emergency Room Experience

Jun 6, 2019

Kate Darby, trauma, East Cooper Medical Center 

A mother of two active boys who enjoy testing their physical limits, Kate Darby is a pro at waiting in the ER. So when her youngest son cut his arm while playing baseball and needed stitches, Kate headed to East Cooper. She remembered that they are skilled in treating kids who don’t like needles, and that the service there is as competent as it is speedy.  

“We were seen almost immediately, and Canham was examined, cleaned up and then got his stitches,” Kate says. “The doctor gave us our discharge orders, and we were on our way in less than 45 minutes.” 

East Cooper has become Kate’s first choice when it comes to medical care for all the men in her family. When her husband had to visit the ER twice in one year for a medical issue, East Cooper provided the highest level of treatment, just as they had for her son.   

“When we went back 10 days later to have Canham’s stitches removed, again the East Cooper ER team excelled,” Kate remembers. “All of the staff in the ER was friendly and reassuring.” 

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